sunnuntai 23. lokakuuta 2016

Christmas Magazines part one

Hello everyone! I have been asked to translate my latest text in English, and I thought that might be fun, so here we go! (Minua pyydettiin kääntämään viimeisin tekstini englanniksi, joten tässä se tulee :))

It`s so dark that I would really like to put the Christmas lights already, but I am still waiting for next week, when we turn watches to winter time. Of course in cities there is light always, but we live in coutryside, and it can really be dark in here!

I´ve been reading Christmas magazines! I bought Your Best Ever Christmas and Joulu Maalla was delivered to our home. I have really liked especially about the first one! I have lived in England, and worked there as a waitress in a hotel. Although it was a while ago I still remember it pretty well. So I know something about English way of wayting for Christmas, and it has been a joy to read the magazine Your Best Ever Christmas! I like the English way to decorate homes and cities for Christmas. :)

This magazine gives you a lot of help to prepare for Christmas. Magazine includes tips for every step through Christmas preparation, even if you want to loose weight to fit in your partydress. ;) It also gives you a lot of present tips. I would say it is a very nice magazine!

I still haven`t read the whole Joulu Maalla magazine, but it seams to be a lot less decorative than the English Christmas magazine. But of course I like about it also! Maalla magazine introduces always familys who lives in countryside, and in this Chrismas number these familys tell about their Christmasis. Of course there are other storys also and so much pretty pictures! :)

Okay, this was a quik translation. Have a lovely Sunday! :)

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  1. Miks sie nyt englantia rupesit pupeltamaan?

    1. Hih, kokeiluluontoisesti, kun joku sitä pyysi. Tosin en ole varma, mitä tekstiä halusi käännettävän, tätä vai kommentteja. Mutta tulipa hierottua vähän aivonystyröitä :D


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